Envirolink Centre

Established in 2000, the Envirolink Centre is an environmental resource and information hub for the Capricorn Coast Community. It is our largest and most diverse project.​ 


The general aims of the Envirolink Centre project are to educate the community on catchment and land management practices through provision of resources and advice, and to link rural and urban community groups and their environmental activities. 

community resource library

Books, fact sheets, journals and displays about climate change; soil conservation;  water quality; other NRM issues; native and bush tucker plants; weed management; exotic fruits; permaculture; marine, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; wildlife; the sciences; recycling and urban sustainability topics; historical info; you name it - we've got it! 

Every month, with support from Livingstone Shire Nursery and Native Plants Capricornia,  we shine the spotlight on a native plant that is suited to our area. We issue a factsheet about it and give-away the plant as tube stock to members and interested community folk.  We also promote Council's 'Habitat Stepping Stones' Programme - ask us about it. 

We distribute 11 monthly newsletters each year with environmental news about progress on our project sites; volunteering opportunities; upcoming events to participate in; Junior Landcare activities; information about national and global issues and campaigns; weeds and regeneration tips; and other useful bits and pieces. Your ideas and feedback are always welcome!

We offer free identification and advice on local weeds and plants and their control in our area. We're not too bad with problem insects/pests either. Bring a recent sample in to us (if it's a weed, please ensure you bag it), with a flower if possible. Or email photos and details to envirolink@cqnet.com.au.  If you would like to purchase the invaluable resource book, 'Plants of Capricornia', we can tell you how.