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Junior Landcare Programme

Junior Landcare was launched as a national programme in 1998 to get school children involved in environmental learning outside the classroom. 

In 2015, under the mentorship of then President, Mr Alby Wooler, the Junior Landcare Passport Programme was launched in local schools.
With funding support from Livingstone Shire Council and other grants, the programme was quickly adopted by schools and successful. It expanded to include scouting and girl guide groups, and was even adopted as a model for uptake in other countries!

Our current President Malcolm Wells continues  to engage with students at Yeppoon State School to practice Junior Landcare activities. 

How the Programme  works

The passport demonstrates participation in a set of six environmental activities. Each activity is underpinned by cooperative interaction with others, hands-on tasks, and commitment to learning about the environment and making a difference for the future. Students receive a gold stamp on completion of each activity. A Landcare Badge of Honour is earned at the finalisation of all activities. 

1. Clean Up Australia Day – volunteer at least 1 hour at any registered community Clean Up Australia Day event OR their School’s Clean Up Day

2. Landcare Week – volunteer at least 1 hour at any registered Landcare event or workshop during Landcare Week OR participate in a class activity focused on Landcare Week

3. Weedbuster Week – volunteer at least 1 hour at any registered weed pulling event in their local community OR weed pulling at their School as part of class activities


4. National Tree Day – volunteer at least 1 hour at any registered National Tree Day event in their local community OR at their school


5. Wetlands / Nature Discovery event – attend at least 1 excursion or event in their local community. 


6. Community service – build up a log of at least 10 hours doing Landcare community service with their local community (this can include the hours spent participating in activities 1-5, working in school or youth group gardens or helping with other groups). 

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