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What's Landcare? 


Landcare is a grass-roots network of people Australia-wide, who are working towards sustainable natural resource management - managing soil, water, and vegetation so they are available for use now and into the future. Landcare groups are formed by people with a common interest in the quality of the land and water in their local area. They are also a valuable social outlet in communities.

About Us

We are located in Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland. Operating since 1987 as a not-for-profit, non-government organisation, we work in close partnership with the community, other conservation and NRM groups, and local government, to promote wise management of our land, urban spaces, water, and natural resources for the benefit of all.  


Capricorn Coast Landcare projects are diverse. They involve on-ground revegetation of riparian and coastal              ecosystems, as well as environmental education workshops and displays in the community. We also manage the Envirolink Centre and the Junior Landcare Programme in local schools, as well as give advice on plants and weeds. We regularly run creek and mangrove cleanups. ​​


We value our partnerships with local government and NRM groups. Funding through the National Landcare and Reef Rescue Programmes allows us to deliver on-ground projects which enhance catchment connectivity and water quality entering the GBR. Support from Livingstone Shire Council, and from time to time, Gambling Community Benefit Fund, and Community Sustainability Action Grant, and others, help. 

Get involved!

We are an active community group. Not only do we spread the word about sustainable land care, we get out and do something about it. Whether it's restoring a local creek, helping with a World Environment Day stall at the markets, getting dirty at a mangrove cleanup, or doing bird and fish surveys - we are always looking for new volunteers. If you can't get involved in this way, why not donate to help us?

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