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The Envirotrail

Situated in the grounds of Yeppoon State School, Landcare's Envirotrail Project seeks to preserve and enhance diverse ecological communities in the middle-upper catchment of Fig Tree Creek. We have been involved with this project for more than 20 years. The Envirotrail is used for environmental education.   

The site is set up as a walking circuit that hosts unique remnant vegetation communities -  old pandanus forest, open forest, rainforest, vine thicket, and creekline ecosystems - all protected within school grounds.


These communities support diverse wildlife making the EnviroTrail an outstanding natural environmental learning area for school students. The wider community also use it as a corridor to access the nearby Rail Trail and Jilliby Woods.

Valuable contributions to its improvement and maintenance have also been made by the Yeppoon State School P&C, dedicated teaching staff and principals, Livingstone Shire Council, other NRM organisations, and many individuals and businesses during that time.

Our current 2017-2018 project focuses on improving access; reinstating pathways and creek crossings; removing cyclone debris; native plantings; and control of invasive weeds. 



Landcare volunteers and staff work onsite one day each week and actively partner with Livingstone Shire Council and Yeppoon State School to ensure this unique site is protected into the future. 

Priority invasive weeds that Landcare works to control on the Envirotrail include:


Sphagneticola trilobata (Singapore Daisy)

Lantana camara (lantana)

Pacystachys lutea (golden candles/shrimp plant)

Ipomoea cairica (morning glory)

Ardisia elliptica (shoebutton ardisia) 

Ochna serrulata (micky mouse bush)

Stachytarpheta spp. (snakeweed)

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